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Quest for the Truth

I have always been fascinated about education from the perspective of practicality. It wasn’t until I became an ethicist and sought to find how to professionalize ethics through the Association of Certified General Ethicists. 

Our professional association sought the example of the Certified General Accountants (now Chartered Professional Accountants) to design a practical educational program. 

I learned about training through various sources, such as the Ontario Society for Training and Development (OSTD), the Scout Movement, and Red Cross. My greatest success was as Emergency Worker with The Salvation Army where I trained organizations, such as Nursing Homes, in disaster preparedness.

At Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, I learned that academic education could be practical.

Quest for the Truth: Through the Doctor of Applied Ethics Programme is the result of decades of research. 

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Ethicists must be committed to therapeutic theology in order to be successful in their professional life.  You will have to make a total commitment in order to earn your Doctor of Applied Ethics (DAE) degree.

This is a Quest for the Truth. 

In reading this book it may be your start in this Quest.  Maybe you are in the middle of this Quest.  Maybe you know the Truth and want to apply the Truth in helping enterprises to become successful.  

Educational Books

POWER Living Through Roundtables


Applied Business Ethics, Volume 3: POWER Living Through Roundtables was designed to further enhance the opportunities for undergraduate students and others to prepare for the Doctor of Applied Ethics degree programme.

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The practicality of the Roundtable is clearly shown in the reality of the DAE degree programme, where students learn alongside entrepreneurs, especially professionals.  There is an opportunity for students to actually run a Roundtable through participating in the real Roundtable Board of Directors of the Association.  

In addition, students have the opportunity to perform professional responsibilities, having been trained directly by a professional in the Roundtable.  For example, the Roundtable CFO is trained thoroughly for the role by a professional CFO with the appropriate professional designation.