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I have been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. I learned a great deal as newspaper carrier for the Toronto Telegram (long gone) from the time I was about to begin grade 2.

I found my niche late in life as an ethicist. This has motivated me to write these books, since I love the Truth.

I am employed as the Chief Value Officer (CVO) with 21st Century Accounting Inc., THE Ethical Accounting Consulting Firm.


I have written 9 books enumerating the Truth as the bases of objective scientifically-verifiable ethics known as Theanthropic Ethics©. I own the copyright for Theanthropic Ethics©.

I am one of the Founding Members of the Association of Certified General Ethicists, which grants the CGE professional designation.

The Association of Certified General Ethicists offers peer reviews for my books and, consequently endorses my books.

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